Todd Matus is a native of Michigan, living in Indianapolis since 1986. He studied art history and photography for his Bachelors degree at the University of Michigan and received an MFA in photography from Southern Illinois University in 1985. Todd moved to Indiana to teach at the Herron School of Art staying there until 1988 when he took a serendipitous leap into the violin business, beginning an adventure that resulted in the exhibition and book Broken Views. Matus has wide experience in traditional photographic processes, and several antique processes including the carbon process on which he published the manual Carbon Printing in1983. Today he works primarily in large scale inkjet quad tone and archival color processes. Matus’ work ranges from traditional documentary work such as Broken Views and his Manifest Destiny series to political projects like the World War Memorial series and conceptual works like Library and The Project to Blow up Blossom Rock.

Selected exhibits include:

War is Humanism, Indianapolis Art Center, 1988

Nostalgia and The Loss of Memory, 431 Gallery, Indianapolis 1989

There’s No There There, Indianapolis Museum of Art 1990-91 Into the Labyrinth, The Ohio State University, Newark 1994

Broken Views; a document of Eastern Europe 1989-1996, University of Delaware 1997

As Far as the Eye Can See, Atlanta College of Art 1999

Faces, Places and Spaces: 3 Photographers, Midland Arts, Indianapolis 2002

Bulgarian Collages:1994-2003 Utrillo's Gallery, Indianapolis

Footcandles: history and process in contemporary photography, Indiana State University, Terre Haute 2005